Two Friends turning Founders

Perfect blend of multiple cuisines with a Desi Pinch

Kota brings 7 wonders of the world to life and love for this city brought our founders, Pratibha Karamchandani & Priti Birgi, back to their roots leaving behind their plush corporate jobs. Their mutual love for food led to opening the doors of TRP Café on June 2, 2017.

They believe the food in our country is an emotion that gives satisfaction and happiness to one and all. With the vibrant décor and scenic view, we bring to you the perfect go-to place for travellers, creative professionals and the rising minds. To this end, we strive to offer the best of glocal cuisine to tickle the taste buds of the Retro & Modern population of Kota like never before. Not only this, we ensure to leverage in-house pizza bases, sauces and avoid using artificial flavours in our scrumptious servings.

To further entice the taste buds of our lovely foodies, our very own founders, along with their chefs, are exploring the path of bake-and-make by getting delicious patisseries to this foodland.

We offer you just the right taste for every mood – > Sad = Delightful Desserts; Happy = Pampering Pizza; Angry = Soothing Shakes; Love = Compatible Coffee. We always use natural ingredients and real fruit extracts in our delicacies to offer a delicious experience under one roof – that’s The Right Place for you.

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